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Avant Environmental Position

Renova ImageWith designs that push the limits of conventional manufacturing process, we’re always seeking innovative, smart new ways to create Avant products. Our “what if” approach supports an interesting blending of richer aesthetics and reduced environmental impact.

Naturally, we take care to be efficient with our resources. Selection and conservation of raw materials forces us to be more discerning about which products deserve a place in our portfolio. We’re energy conscious as well, always seeking improved manufacturing and waste management processes to reduce the impact of our carpet production facilities.

Every day, new technologies are emerging. We continue to investigate and embrace those that can further reduce Avant’s environmental footprint.

Our ReNova backing is an example to show our commitment in product performance, reliability and the environment. ReNova is constructed from historically the most dependable, easiest to reclaim and recycle materials. Taking advantage of proven technology and readily available resources, ReNova has more than 25% recycled content to provide you with unsurpassed performance you can count on.

True design is timeless. That’s why Avant Carpet is committed to environmental practices that support the long view.

For third-party certifications, we invite you to check our specs.

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PDF Modular
PDF Broadloom

PDF Broadloom - Postdyed Nylon
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PDF Modular - Postdyed Nylon
PDF Modular Predyed Nylon